About Komondor

Komondor originate in Hungary, and were bred for livestock guarding. Their distinctive coat serves as protection and camouflage against predators. They are affectionate and gentle, but very protective of their home, family and possessions.

Fully grown Komondor weigh between 40kg and 60kg, and have a large thick corded coat. The coat starts out as soft and fluffy, but by 1-2 years the adult coat forms which mats together quickly. Care is needed in separating cords and dealing with any problem areas.

Komondor are calm and steady, but are used to making decisions on their own, rather than following instructions from a human. They can be obstinate and headstrong, but as long as training is started early and is consistent they can pick things up well.

Because of their size they require a good size house and garden. However, they are fairly lazy and don’t require lots and lots of exercise.