Kom Club Show 2016

The Komondor Club of GB

Open Show 9 th October 2016

I spent a lovely afternoon with some super dogs and their very dedicated owners. A very high, consistent type was evident, no major constructional issues, very good feet and presentation was superb. Grateful thanks must firstly go to the committee for their very kind invitation to judge and all the hard work to make the day such a success. Secondly to all the exhibitors for their entries and support to both myself and the club.

Jnr D

1 Moore’s Bokorszeri Gabe – Just out of puppy, very promising of good size and height to length ratio. Well made all through, just needs time to fill out and gain substance. Well boned with good parallel limbs. Strong, broad rear quarters with good tail set, carriage and length. Has a well-balanced skull and muzzle, dark expressive eyes. When settled covered plenty of ground. Just needs to tighten up and down which should come with maturity

Post Grad D

1 Waters Tajak Galagonya – Son of Zoltan. Quality male of 5yrs. Lovely balanced profile of size and shape. Well carried, strong medium neck into level topline with good depth of chest plenty of angulation front and rear. Has lovely bone and substance. Carrying a full coat, cords of good length and texture. Well shaped head into strong muzzle and super large black nose. Dark eyes. Medium stop. Very free sound action all ways. Side gait showed plenty of drive, retaining topline and tail carriage. RBD and RBIS

2 Brock’s Hawkbrock Rolma – 2yrs and maturing well. Slightly smaller male, lighter frame than 1 with substance and cords still developing. Has good overall shape and proportions. Carries himself well, level topline with balanced angulation front and rear. Good strong rear quarters, tail slightly shorter. Head in proportion, Good free balanced action.

Limit D

1 Tajak Galagonya

Open D

1 Branch’s Jabenezer Zoltan – Has matured into a quality boy and at 7yrs looking fabulous. His coat was just perfect with cords so even in width and thickness. Correct texture and length. Underneath was plenty of bone and substance with a good body weight. Shoulders well laid, deep broad chest, level topline into broad strong rear quarters. Good sized head, proportioned strong muzzle. Dark alert eyes. Profile was clean and balanced Good size, strong topline and his coat finishing the picture. Moved as he was made, powerful sound lively action covering plenty of ground. BD and BIS

2 Tajak Galagonya

Vet D/B

1 Jabenezer Zoltan

Jnr B

1 Moore’s Almadi Harsasuti – Just 14mths. Stood well for examination but when asked to move spent more time upside down for her tummy to be tickled. However, so pleased to see coat presentation as good underneath as on top! With company in the brace class she did move very well when a good free side gait was evident. Already has a good even cording all over. Has a well-balanced frame work just needing time to mature. Pleasing skull and muzzle with medium stop

Novice B

1 Whitham’s Hawkbrock Shiwa – Very promising 30mths. Liked her balanced profile shape and size. Plenty of angulation, with good chest and tuck up. Good bone and substance developing. Clean topline, slightly sloping croup into well set tail of good length. Well-proportioned skull and muzzle, though I would like the muzzle slightly stronger. Medium stop. Free balanced action, good length of stride retaining topline. Carrying a good coat. RBB

2 Whitham’s Hawkbrock Zilcan – Sister to 1 with very little between them but not quite so mature. Lots to like and has the same pleasing type, size and construction. Darker eye than 1 and again would like a slightly stronger muzzle. Moved soundly but not the enthusiasm as her sister.

Owners so lucky to have two such beautiful girls

3 Bricknell-Sproston’s Pusztamagus Borsika Emma

Post Grad B

1 Manners Pusztamagus Panka Sava – Just days out of junior and very immature. Larger size and needing time to tighten and gain substance as slightly narrow all through which also gave a close, loose action coming and going. Side gait was lovely and free, covering plenty of ground. Well balanced head and muzzle with lively dark eyes. Cords developing well.

Limit B

1 Eburne’s Fodor O’Hugarikum – 6yrs. Quality with a lovely clean, balanced profile, with correct height to length ratio. Strong topline into broad strong rear quarters with balancing front angulation. Limbs well boned and parallel. Chest deep with breadth well sprung ribs. For me carrying too much weight which also took away her spring of step though has a good even sound action. Well-fitting mature coat of even cords, with good length and texture. Head in proportion, strong muzzle but would like it slightly shorter. BB

Open B

1 Fodor O’Hugarikum


1 Moore’s Bokorszeri Gabe and Almadi Harsasuti

Marion Hodgson