Your puppy

Your Puppy

Before you begin your search for a Komondor breeder and puppy, be sure that the Komondor is the breed for you. Research as much as you can into the breed and their characteristics. You have already taken a good step by reading through this web site, but there are some books available, and you can contact the members of the Komondor Club who can give you additional advice.

Under no circumstances should you consider getting a Komondor puppy from a source other than a reputable breeder, or with the intention of making money by breeding the dog. This is not something that should be considered by a novice of the breed, even if you have successfully bred other breeds of dogs in the past. Many a breeder has tried to breed Komondors and have experienced many problems; some have been very painful as it has led to the loss of many pups or an entire litter. It is also not very profitable, and a breeder who has managed to make a little money is considered lucky!

It is wise to tell the breeder what you are looking for in a dog. Do you want a working dog, a house guard, or a show dog, etc? Even at this young age your breeder will be able to offer you advice on the best match for you. You may fall in love with a bold and brassy male, but remember that having a 31 inch male is rather like living with a shetland pony!

If you visit a litter with the intention of picking a puppy, it may be impossible to do so in just one visit. If the puppy has just eaten and wants to sleep he may appear too lethargic, but after a good sleep he may be too active for your taste. The breeder will allow you to visit the puppies when you want to, so do not feel that you have to pick a puppy on your first visit. Ask the breeder when feeding times are and try to come back at different times of the day. Once you have seen them a couple of times, you will be able to spot the characteristic that will best suit your family.

Your puppy will depend on you for his basic survival for his entire life. He will need food, water, shelter, protection, love, nurturing and a proper canine education if he is to grow up to be a responsible and well behaved canine citizen.

Your Komondor will need to be regularly kept in check to ensure he is in good health and has good manners. You will need to keep on top of this throughout his whole life, so you must ask yourself seriously if you are ready for this level of commitment.

Your Komondor Shopping List

Just as you would prepare a nursery for a new child, you should make sure your home is ready for its new canine arrival. Ensure all puppy supplies are purchased and in place before he comes home, there will not be much time after he arrives, that’s for sure!

You will need to give him a lot of love, comfort and patience when he first comes home. Just imagine how he must be feeling, he has been taken from his brothers and sisters and put in this strange new place.

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