Kennel Gazette December 1996



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The Komondor hails from Hungary where he is a guarding dog for the herds and flocks on the farms. As such, his truly basic instincts make him a very formidable protector, a dog never to be trifled with. He will take care of anything or any place which he has been taught to regard as his charge and he will do so to the utmost of his ability.

As a result he is totally unsuited to a town life where he would be miserable as well as a liability; even in the country, he requires a very well defined territory on which he is not going to encounter the casual hiker or even a visiting postman.

His huge, corded coat resembles that of the Old English Sheepdog in youth, but gradually forms into cords as it matures. Trailing profusely to the ground, as it does, it picks up dirt and leaves like a magnet, which means that it requires regular bathing if the animal is to be kept anywhere other than in a barn. Drying such a coat is a major task, but at least water does not penetrate easily to the skin.

He is not a dog demanding a great deal of food and he has an easy going attitude to exercise. Those who consider taking him on should study the breed carefully and closely before taking steps to acquire such a dog.

Photo: Sally-Ann Thompson

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