Superdogs 1983


Revealed! A shaggy dog’s secret

The face behind all that hair on page three belongs to Dougal lookalike “Kitten”, a 10-year-old Hungarian komondor. Kitten and chihuahua Goofums got together yesterday to launch a new dog show.

The little and large of the canine world leave audiences unsure whether they’re coming or going. Shaggy comedienne Kitten weighs 135 lbs – just 132 lb 6oz heavier than her diminutive straight man.

Goofums and Kitten will be topping the bill at Wembley in October at Superdogs 83, described as the Motor Show of the dog world.

Organiser David Cavill explained “It will not be a competition like Crufts. There will be lectures and exhibitions of what dogs can do.” Like Kitten and Goofum’s vanishing act.

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