Clive Muzelle two first prizes at Crufts


Man’s Best Friend!

Congratulations to Clive Muzzle of Wadham Stringer Car and Truck Rental who, in February this year won two first prizes at Cruft’s dog show in London with his Hungarian Komondors.

Seen here at a local show last year it can be understood how these dogs can become so popular.

The Komondor is of Asiatic origin and is believed to be the forerunner of all shepherd breeds in Europe and was used extensively to protect flocks of sheep and other cattle from predators such as bear and wolf, also human interference.

The coat grows in long tassel like cords and at maturity reaches the ground. It protects the dog from the extreme sub-zero temperatures of the Hungarian Plains and also provides insulation to keep it cool during the summer.

A Komondor weighs between 120-150lbs and can reach a height of 36 inches at the shoulder.

Many congratulations to Clive and it is hoped that many more prizes will come his way in the future.

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